Accelerate to Investor Readiness

- Target Investees -

Accessing capital through the private or public capital markets requires  adherence to our proprietary formula to make your venture investor ready.

It is locking each significant moving part with the rest of the system preferably with enforceable contracts. It is practicing empathy with your customers and investors.

You know you have the right customers when you designed your products or solutions after an intensive assessment of their pain points; not if you have a product first and then looking for customers.

The right investors exist for the right life stage of your venture with the right team and the right timing to meet market demand. As the investee, you must be clear about your ideal investor persona as much as the investors must find the right fit  in you.

Investment Management

- Target Limited Partners/Co-Investors -

As professional managers of big corporations and as entrepreneurs of our own ventures (mixed with success and learning experience), we help our portfolio companies manage their operations strategically while protecting and maximizing your return on investment.

We bench mark business results against the agreed strategic plan, best industry performance, while adopting to changing or uncontrollable market forces.

We are not armchair investors. Investing is not a spectator sport. Together with our investees, we plan and play together.

Next Steps...

Are we mission aligned? Let's collaborate and find out if we have a fit.