We are an early revenue to mid market stage venture capital firm who believe we can change the world by supporting entrepreneurs driven to build a healthier planet and live a healthier lifestyle. When we align our words and actions, everything happens as planned, by design, not by co-incidence.
We are a customer centric investment firm and view our investees and co-investors as partners with a common goal to serve our customers. We create value only when we deliver innovative, societal and environmentally responsible solutions to our customers at a competitive price.

Investment Criteria

We are interested in agtech, aghealth, agri-food sectors, particularly investing and developing the hemp ecosystem, harmonizing the fragmented supply chain working from the top - end users/customers, down to the seed genetics IP, be it for industrial fibre, cannabidiol, and/or food applications. At the mid market stage, we are seeking minimum annual revenues of $10M, EBITDA $2M-$5M.
We support our investees through our proprietary tax efficient, diversified investing channels from syndicated angel investing to Series "X" preferred, from private to public venture capital markets, including regulation crowdfunding.

Why Us

To our Limited Partners/ Co-investors:
Instead of building a blind fund, we are operating as Independent Sponsors where we capitalize investees on a deal by deal basis. We are risk managers first and manage your money like ours. Prior to investing, we allocate more resources during the due diligence process assessing risks  and de-risking the venture by advising our target investees or accelerating their fundability. Post investment, we invest even more resources while monitoring performance or KPIs of our investees. After all, this is a long term partnership.
To our Investees/ Joint Venture Partners:
Like you, we are entrepreneurs, operators, and hands on investors injecting value added services on top of financial capital. Like true partners, we work like a team, from funding to exit, ensuring we deliver as planned.

The Executive Team

  • 100 + years team experience, mission driven entrepreneurs, professional managers, and angel investors and venture capitalists.
  • Performance driven generalists and specialists (marketing/sales, finance, engineering, operations) with deep domain expertise (agriculture, health & wellness, technology).
  • Managed $100M+ treasury funds and hedging portfolio for building mines and other businesses under strict investment policies and corporate governance in public and private capital markets.

Antonio (Tony) A. Arias

Managing Partner & CEO

  • An entrepreneur, professional manager, and investor, founded ALAMidas Capital Partners Inc. in 2016 while assessing the risks and opportunities in the hemp space (not marijuana); a strategic shift as founder of Healthy Crowdfunder Corp (2012) connecting investors and investees in the health space.
  • Solid mining finance track record involved in building four big mines ($B CAPEX 2018 dollars) in his career. As former CFO or CAO, he was instrumental to raising and managing over $400 million and $300 million, equity and debt financing, respectively, in the public and private capital markets.
  • A former professional accountant and a former corporate finance instructor and finance graduate at the British Columbia Institute of Technology, he found his true “Ikigai” as a 9-year franchisee of a national natural products company. Tony believes hemp is truly the plant that could make a healthier planet while contributing to the health consciousness of consumers.


Liviu Lucan, CPA, MBA

Chief Financial Officer

  • Founder of Ultimate Commodity, a fintech startup exploring big data mining and analytics applications.
  • Big 4 trained finance professional in Canada, Central and Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union.
  • Over 20 years’ experience in financial reporting, business and process modeling, and operations optimization.
  • US CPA (Washington State) and MBA graduate with University of Vienna School of Business and Economics.
  • A strong believer in data-driven decisions to grow top and bottom lines and streamline operations.

Scott Jenkins, BCom, CPA

Entrepreneur in Residence

  • 20 years C-suite leadership roles principally in environmentally sustainable building materials industry.
  • Recently launched ZS2 Technologies as CEO, Founder, a platform for early revenue stage green building materials and technology start-ups. ZS2 Technologies was founded to accelerate the development and adoption of construction technologies which are stronger, safer and healthier for people and the planet.
  • From 2006 to 2017 was key team member, first as CFO then President, at DIRTT Environmental Solutions driving revenue growth from $20 million annually to $300 million and led the successful IPO of DIRTT on the Toronto Stock Exchange in 2013.
  • For 2 years, as MgO Systems COO and President, led its strategic growth development plan, reorganization, financial, sales and marketing plan, capitalization, distribution partnerships and geographic expansion.

Slade Thornhill B. Sc. Chemical Engineer

Entrepreneur in Residence

  • 25+ years experience in the Western Canadian oil & gas industry: Operations, Development, Midstream and Growth/Infrastructure Planning with Team Collaboration, Innovative Problem Solving and Plan Execution skills.
  • Executing on projects and delivering on budget and time; Little Chicago Gas Processing Facility, Tie-in of Talisman’s largest North American gas well, Painted Pony Growth from 4,000 to over 60,000 BOE/D.
  • Responsible for over $2B in Capital and Operating Expenses to date

Angela Alexander, Ph. Eng. Mechanical

Human Capital Integration

  • 20+ years experience in the Western Canadian oil & gas industry: from Facility to Reservoir Engineering, with skills in organization effectiveness, facilitation, process design & improvement, change management and project management.
  • Passion for bringing teams together to work more effectively, make better decisions, be more innovative and think more strategically.
  • Led a multi-discipline team to create, document and implement a process for Execution Planning, Development Planning and Appraisal Planning.
  • Successfully facilitated and guided a newly formed team through their strategic vision development and key behavior conversations.


The Lead Advisors

Solid track record in corporte governance, investment banking, investment management, business development, market development, software technology, agronomy, agriculture,

James M. Saretsky, MBA, FCPA, FCMA, ICD.D

Corporate Governance & Operations

  • Expertise in corporate governance best practices.
  • Extensive experience in scaling businesses and corporations.
  • Experienced at managing corporate operations and introducing services into new markets.
  • Expertise in developing and implementing effective strategic plans including metrics.
  • Effective participative empathic leadership abilities.
  • C-Suite in-depth knowledge for capital raising, due diligence, mergers and acquisitions, creating sustainable shareholder value, and regulatory compliance.


Rod Lanier

Rod Lanier

Farmer Liaison, Canada & US

As a third-generation farmer, Rod imparts a lifetime of agricultural experience. He manages NeverIdle Farms Ltd., a 3,300-acre operation in Alberta started by his grandfather in 1909. Under Rod’s management, NeverIdle has participated in a variety of cropping and soil projects with both national and provincial agencies in Canada and is regarded as a regional innovator in sustainable “no-till” farming, whose ecological benefits include moisture retention, soil biodiversity and erosion control.

NeverIdle is a recognized pioneer in the hemp industry. The farm diversified by adding hemp into its crop rotation over a decade ago as part of its sustainability plan to optimize soil health through growing diverse crop varietals.

  • Former director of the Science Alberta Foundation, founding member of the Palliser Agriculture Management Society, contributing participant in research and education through the Canadian Department of Agriculture and Agri-Food.
  • Consulted for various global entrepreneurs and government agencies in developing a hemp strategy for its commercialization.

Dan Giurescu

Blockchain Technology

  • Founder of Terrahub, industrial blockchain education, incubator and consulting.
  • Co-founded Caledonia Solutions, a supply chain software for the dangerous goods industry, moving the industry away from paper and into digital innovation
  • Identified new market opportunities successfully; commercialized new concepts, inspired teams into action by creating an entrepreneurial environment.
  • Member of The A100 and Mentor with IBM District Ventures.


Danny Fieldberg

Market Development, Farmer Relations

  • Founder of Finn Lake Ltd. designing and developing agriculture related programs for private and public sector clients.
  • Consults on international regional development projects requiring fully integrated trading strategies, as well as developing markets for their products.
  • A family of two generations, has been involved in farming extensively in Alberta.


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